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Reach your wellness  goals with personalized
 goal-oriented  programs

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Wellness Library

New workouts, meditations, and articles released every week.


Getting in shape has never been so much fun

Explore new routines while building your strength, shaping your body and improving mobility. All workouts are designed for the female body, from pilates, yoga and home fitness to stretching and even barre!

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Weight Loss

Weight loss made simple

Don’t worry about how and when. We’ll create a holistic and personalized program based on your lifestyle and hormonal cycle in order to maximize your efforts. Workout program, diet guidance & education – all included.

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Immune Strength

Protect your health

Boost your immune system and improve your well-being with simple & quick wellness to-do’s.

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Nurture your vitality and natural beauty

Slow down the ageing process with our one of a kind anti-age programs that include face yoga, mobility exercises, supplementation guidance and chakra cleaning meditations.

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Better Sex

Your body, your health
— your pleasure

Reach your full potential with the help of tension-releasing yoga and exercises, libido-boosting meditations and supplementation guidance for that extra spark.

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Better Sleep

Achieve restful sleep without medication

Try out our guided meditations, audio journeys and cleansing yoga sessions for better and calmer sleep.


Regular Cycles

Track and regulate your cycle the natural way

Use the knowledge of your natural rhythm to plan your daily routine and tap into the source of your super-powers.



Track your progress & reach visible results faster

Bellabeat wellness trackers are designed to match your lifestyle and fit any occasion. Track your activity, sleep, hydration, meditations, stress resistance, reproductive cycle and more in order to achieve better and faster results.


Personalized Coaching

Know exactly what & when

Your wellness program is personalized for you based on your goals, lifestyle and natural cycle. We’ll create a complete program that includes workout plan, nutrition & supplementation guidance and mindfulness & education courses in order to help you transform your body and mind as one.

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